The top three things that I am most excited about. HPE Discover Virtual Experience.

Like everything else in 2020, HPE Discover has changed quite a bit this year.

Nothing could’ve prepared this industry for the changes and the impact on tech communities and events that has taken place. I have lost count of how many memories are popping up via different apps these days: Facebook, Google Photos and Timehop reminding me just how much has changed. I usually invest a lot of time in tech events and one I’ve been very lucky to attend a couple of times is HPE Discover.

I feel very thankful for all the opportunities I have had to get insights on future tech, creative ways of using new technology and also unique opportunities to talk to developers, C-level executives, customers and partners. I’m happy to see that despite all the restrictions during these times, my opportunities to learn and engage hasn’t been affected. And even though I will miss out on talking face to face with my network, I will not miss out on news and announcements this year!

HPE Discover is starting on June 23rd and you can actually join me (FOR FREE!) by registering here . Don’t miss out on keynotes and sessions and more!


My top 3 things to follow this year is:

  • AI: Yes I know you might have heard about AI from other vendors but I believe this is unique and here is why. The very unique fact about AI from HPE is very advance global HPE InfoSight database with more than 10 years of experience. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more about how they will use this unique data to optimize workloads.
  • IoT: I’m personally very invested in both IoT and AI and I’ve heard unique use cases from HPE on prior HPE Discover events which is why I’ll be sure to follow along on this topic.
  • Performance under pressure: Lewis Hamilton is one of the speakers for this year’s Discover. I heard and was very impressed with his keynote debate in 2018 and listening to him talk about his work with passion and how he sees how HPE can help him optimize his driving, is inspirational. I’m actually not really into motorsports, but what I am very passionate about is letting technology help us finding new ways to optimize processes, machines and health.


Already announced – HPE Primera and Nimble Storage

HPE have already made an announcement today about HPE Primera. This is a storage platform I’ve been following and writing about since the announcement at HPE Discover 2019. HPE calls it the most Intelligent storage for mission-critical apps. The unique thing about this platform is the artificial intelligence engine and how it optimizes workloads and is proactive and self-healing.

Some of the announcements made today are in headlines:

  • Extending Cross stack VM analytics to Hyper-V
  • Built-in asynchronous three site replication for HPE Primera
  • Adding three site replication including the cloud for Nimble Storage
  • Support for all NVMe on HPE Primera
  • SCM on Nimble Storage

You can read more about today’s announcement on Calvin Zito’s blog here

I wish I could finish this blog post saying: See you there! I’m hoping that we will be able to connect in person next year. Please reach out if you’re also joining virtually and maybe we can compare notes on our experience and can have a virtual break now and then.

I’ve written about my prior experiences at HPE Discover: here and here