HPE Discover Day 1 and 2

I was so happy to be invited as an influencer to HPE Discover this year. This is a wrap up of my experiences from the event so far.


One of things I always spend a lot of time on is the community. This is something I’m very passionate about being a VMUG Leader in Denmark.

The Tech community is a tribe and a place to form true relationships. Being the first HPE Discover for me, there is a lot of new faces but also some familiar ones.

I finally got to meet the people behind vBrownbag. Jeffrey and Alistair. I’ve known them from Twitter and VMworld since forever but haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk with them. They are handling the live streaming of HPECoffeeTalk and works as a moderator for the Q&As. On the first night I had a great conversation with Alistair about vBrownbag and communities in general. I would love vBrownbag to visit VMUG Denmark I just need a way to sponsor their visit (Any ideas?)

Thomas Poppelgaard was also invited as an influencer. I know Thomas from Denmark and he is usually associated with Citrix. Thomas is a Citrix CTP and Microsoft MVP and is an independent consultant working with Visual Computing. He was one of the first people to reach out to me when I just announced Textrovert. He has been cheering for me to succeed and has been giving me some great tips which has been much appreciated.

I briefly met Joe Baguley today as he was off to being filmed about the joint project with Telefonica.


I stopped by the Veeam booth on Day 2 to see if I would see anyone I know.


Customer stories

I’m a  VMUG Leader in Denmark and I just love listening to the customers. My two favourite sessions so far has been from Customers and how they use HPE Technology.

Texmark Chemicals

On the first day of HPE Discover we had a HPECoffeeTalk with an HPE IOT Customer Texmark Chemicals.

IOT is rapidly expanding throughout the world and for me it was nice to get a different perspective on how to optimize your business and making it more secure via IOT. Texmark Chemicals works with hazardous materials why safety is a top priority. They make everything from Ink for the printers to bathtubs.

You can read more about the use case here


And watch a recording of the HPECoffeeTalk here: https://youtu.be/q33-p4qlrwA

Dreamworks Animation

This was one of the Q&A’s I have been looking forward to the most. I’m a big fan of Dreamworks movies and linking the movies to one of my other favourite things: Technology was the best.

Kate Swanborg did the Q&A together with Calvin Zito. I was very impressed by her knowing so many details on a lot of things: Quite technical things, being an experienced speaker and very knowledgeable about DreamWorks films.

The Partnership with HPE and Dreamworks Animations started back in 2001, which was the year Shrek was released. Listening to Kate Swanborg talking about the making of Shrek and how they had to gate the scenes with the Big Dragon was very interesting.

There was a great question from the influencers about security at Dreamworks. This was a big subject because this a creative company and the balance between security and flexibility is always key.  They just implemented Aruba Networks to prevent bottlenecks on their network and to optimize the process of making movies.

The current process of making a movie at Dreamwork is very time consuming and a movie takes 3-4 years to make. The animated films consists of 24 frames per second, 130 000 individual frames and approximately 500 million digital files and 350 TB (not counting backup). WOW.

There was no live streaming of this session but you can read more about the partnership here:


I need to watch Boss Baby, How to Train your Dragon and Shrek when I get home.