New adventures @Textrovert

I’m back from my summer vacation and am ready to share what I’ve been working on for a couple of months! I’ve had a busy first half of 2019 with exciting projects doing what I like to do: creating content for my customers whether it’s in writing, recording and facilitating podcasts or making videos.

I’m now into my third year of being independent and so far, no two days have looked alike. I have done new things and continuously taken on new roles for both myself and my clients. This blog post will cover some of my exciting new adventures together with some upcoming events!

New adventures

One of the reasons why I became independent was to focus on what I like about being in the Tech industry: endless possibilities, being creative and the real value of tech. I ‘fall in love’ with different solutions and get passionate about the possibilities. In 2018 I was very excited to be invited to the biggest BYOD implementation outside of the Olympics: Ryder Cup, European Tour (you can read about my experience here. I was very impressed to see how the connection between Ryder cup and fans had been optimized and they found new ways to encourage interaction between fans and fans and players.


My excitement for these products has given me new opportunities and I was so proud when I got the call in spring of 2019 to ask if I wanted to facilitate customer interviews live on stage for Aruba Inspiration Day 2019 in Copenhagen. The role is quite new to me – I’m used to facilitating VMUG (VMware User Group) meetings and doing interviews for Arrow Podcast. Now I will be combining the two elements and am looking forward to hearing stories from Aruba Customers.


Reach out if you’ll be at Aruba Inspiration Day and let’s catch up:

2-day event

Speaking of doing something new – VMUGDK is also trying to shake things up a bit by having a 2-day event! I’m looking very much forward to this and to see if we can recreate the ‘VMworld-community -feeling’ and combine it with unique content.


There’re a few seats left. You can see the agenda and register here:

Blog contributor

I contribute to a couple of blogs in Denmark. I’m very comfortable writing about tech in Danish and have been creating blog content right from the beginning of Textrovert. For the next quarter I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and will be creating content in English for the Aruba Blog, using my Aruba knowledge and combining it with my passion for the portfolio.


YES! I’ll be there for VMworld Europe. I was very excited to get the e-mail from VMUG HQ that I had a complimentary pass – thank you so much. Being independent, I’m sponsoring my own travel which can be pricy in Barcelona. I’m lucky to have a project for my one of my customers, Arrow ECS Denmark doing videos and ‘Live’ Podcast recordings during the week.

I’m looking very much forward to a couple of days together with both the Danish and international community.

Let me know if you’ll be at VMworld in Barcelona!

If you hadn’t had the chance you can see more about the event here

For the Danish Community

I’ll be travelling together with Arrow ECS in Denmark. They usually bring a bigger group who travel together and it gives you great possibilities to network with peers.


I’m looking forward to an adventurous and exciting second half of 2019 and hope to meet you at one of the above events.