HPE Discover Day 1 and 2

I was so happy to be invited as an influencer to HPE Discover this year. [...]

Hvordan håndterer du et Cyber angreb?

I min tid som systemadministrator, var en del af mit ansvarsområde: risikoanalyse, beredskabsplan og Disaster [...]

HPE announcements May 24th 2017 – 3PAR, Nimble Storage and MSA

Last week I was at VeeamON in New Orleans with the Veeam Vanguard program. So much [...]

The Perfect VeeamON Schedule

There is less than a week until VeeamON in New Orleans and I can’t wait [...]

Unik chance for at komme til VeeamON 2017 i New Orleans

I samarbejde med Veeam Vanguard programmet er jeg stolt af at kunne tilbyde Blogger passes [...]