Top 3 meaningful technological advances at HPE Discover 2018

At the end of November 2018, I was invited to join HPE in Madrid for the annual HPE Discover conference – along with approximately other 9000 attendees. I was able to join HPE for their Influencer program with access to a variety of exclusive sessions and Product Managers.

I was looking forward to seeing Antonio Neri’s first keynote as the CEO of HPE as I was curious as to what would his key messages be focusing on and if there would be any changes to the approach of the company. What I found was a technology leader showing us a different path and how we might be a small fragment of the puzzle but how in the bigger picture we can contribute to a better world.

Future Healthcare

I was excited to learn about how HPE’s high performance servers are helping research on brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. The study is collecting a large amount of data from, amongst other things, scanning thirty thousand people over 30 years.

Neurodegenerative diseases—such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Huntington’s—occur when neurons in the brain and spinal cord deteriorate. The symptoms initially might be slight: problems with coordination or remembering names. But as more and more neurons die, people lose the ability to think clearly, walk independently, and function in the world. Many of the diseases are ultimately fatal.” [1]


Massive amounts of data are correlated to detect the small variations that indicate meaningful differences in who will get Alzheimer’s. With such high ambitions with data, the researchers must be able to look at the data over and over again. Time is a key factor and by implementing HPE Integrity Superdome X, they immediately saw changes in the amount of time it takes to process the data sets they are using, dropping from 22 minutes to 13 seconds.

I’m excited for this study to understand how the brain works: the underlying genetics, environmental factors and what triggers this disorder. And most importantly, hopefully in the end this ambitious study will find a cure for Alzheimer’s.


Using AI for good

At the keynote on Day 1 we heard from Emily Kennedy at Marinus Analytics, who is one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Her story was very unique and this is a keynote that I always will remember. I was very impressed by her passion and integrity – working every day to make the world a better place.

Marinus Analytics helps law enforcement organisations fight human trafficking with technology. Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of ads online selling sex. Behind many of these are victims of human trafficking. With AI they are able to track people with AI like facial recognition and decrease investigation time and finding the victims more quickly and ultimately take down organized criminal networks.


Circular economy

We live in a world where we need to focus on our future planet. The global challenges we face with environmental deterioration are serious and I welcome all suggestions as to how we as citizens on this planet can help lower C02 emissions.

The world’s growing demand to compute a massive amount of data will consume energy and materials at unprecedented rates, which will create an enormous amount of e-waste.

This year alone, the amount of worldwide e-waste is expected to be about 50 million tons. At HPE Discover the “Circular Economy Model” from HPE was introduced.

The traditional model for IT projects is purchasing new IT hardware without focusing on what value there might still be. The Circular Economy Model for IT focuses on sustainability, reuse and recycling instead of throwing away. This will not only help companies become more economically efficient, but also enable them to do their part as responsible user of global resources.





Overall I found HPE Discover 2018 to be a great inspiration and thought-provoking.


I created a video compilation together with influencers from around the world:


More highlights and information on the announcements from HPE Discover can be found here:


Note: I was invited by HPE and my hotel, transport and entrance have been sponsored to join HPE Discover.  I am not under any obligation by HPE to write any review or recommend any of the products and solutions presented at the event. I have not received any compensation for writing the above post and its content only represent my personal opinions.