Upcoming VMUGDK + Extra bonus for our members

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming VMUGDK meeting in Copenhagen. I’m particularly looking forward to catching up with all our members and am very proud of this year’s format and agenda. This is a short post on some of the highlights.

You can see the whole agenda  and register on our event site: www.vmug.com/denmark

 The Experts

Opening Keynote by Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware. This is Kit Colbert’s first visit to VMUGDK and I’m very happy he is opening our event.

As always we have great vRockstar speakers you would not hear from unless you are at VMworld.

Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Niels Hagoort, Ole Agesen, Grant Orchard, Joerg Lew, Myles Gray and more.

We have some great community sessions from our members including: Jacob Styrup Bang from Århus Universitet and Stefan Pahrman from LEGO.

The Devil Is In The Data: Cyberstalking Criminals

Ken Westin is a new speaker to VMUG and I’m very happy he has accepted our invitation to do the closing keynote. I noticed Ken via several articles a couple of years ago and immediately thought he would be a great speaker for our community.

He has been a speaker at DEF CON and other security conferences. He is referred to as ‘The Good Hacker’ and has spent 15 years working with law enforcement and research teams to analyze current and emerging threats to determine how our everyday products and gadgets can mitigate these threats.

Some articles about Ken Westin:



Star Wars – FOR FREE!

Veeam has been so kind to invite all our members to a movie night with “Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last Jedi” after our event. Be sure to register via 3 steps found on our event site www.vmug.com/denmark

Listen to our members

Recently I have seen a lot of great posts on Nordic VMUG Conference. This is great way to hear from VMUG members in Denmark on the value of attending our upcoming event:

Terkel Olsen: https://vterkel.dk/2017/12/30/vmugdk-event-upcoming/

Mads Fog: https://hazenet.dk/2017/12/30/nordic-vmug-conference/

Theis Andersen: https://samsig.dk/kickstart-your-knowledge-in-2018/

Rasmus Haslund: https://www.perfectcloud.org/events/nordic-vmug-event-2018/

Christian Mohn: http://vninja.net/news/nordic-vmug-conference-2018/


Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors of VMUGDK. We are an independent organization which means we have literally NO MONEY. We could not have had such a great event without you. I hope all our members will enjoy all the booths with great tech in our Expo.


Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors



I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!