HPE Discover and today’s announcements from HPE

HPE Discover

In a week I will be in Madrid for HPE Discover. I’m so thankful for being invited to the HPE Influencer program 2017 and getting unique opportunities to hear the latest news and meeting with HPE executives and experts.

Via my company Textrovert I get insights in lots of different technologies. I really love this part of my job. 2 years ago I was a system administrator and I see so many exciting new tools I would have loved working with. One of my projects have been working with Aruba. And I’m looking forward to learning more about Clearpass, Beacons and Aruba Central when I get to HPE Discover.

For Danish/Nordic speaking readers I recommend this site from Aruba and Arrow ECS in Denmark.

Today’s announcements from HPE

There have been 3 exciting announcements from HPE Storage team today. :

HPE InfoSIght

The biggest announcement is HPE InfoSight

From the press release: “Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine designed to simplify and reduce the guesswork in managing infrastructure and improve application reliability.”

HPE aquired Nimble Storage in the spring of 2017 and have with this announcement taken advantage of one of Nimble Storage cool products: InfoSight. Today HPE has extended HPE InfoSight to 3PAR customers.

The focus is to get proactive approach to your storage system. By adding AI to your datacenter you will have an opportunity to collect and analyze millions of sensors per second and getting Predictive Support Automation, Proactive Management and Preemptive recommendations and more. With these tools you will be able to prevent issues before they occur.

Get a great overview on this announcemtn by looking at this ChalkTalk.

Cloud Bank Storage

HPE Cloud Bank elevates protection and retention to a new tier using low-cost object storage. For more information watch this ChalkTalk

Recovery Manager Central 5.0

HPE Recovery Manager Central is software that integrates 3PAR storage with StoreOnce backup systems to provide a converged data protection solution. It combines the performance of snapshots with the protection of a backup. For more information watch this ChalkTalk

For further information  visit Calvin Zito’s blog post here

See you next week at HPE Discover!